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Put our experience to work in your local church. Learn how to create and implement a marketing plan to connect your congregation with your community. Master online communications via a church website, electronic communications and social media. Develop a welcoming congregation. Take online classes from experts in web ministry, local church vitality, giving and the basics of The United Methodist Church.

Grow Your Church Online: Web Ministry

Learn how you can develop your web ministry with these tools and guidelines. This section will help you take the steps necessary to create a dynamic web presence for your local church. Read More

Social media tools can be invaluable resources for connecting with members, visitors and seekers online. Read More

E-Communications allows you to communicate your message effectively and efficiently for little or no cost. Read More

Digital media can enhance the written content of your messages with visual and audio aid. Read More

Creating a welcoming and hospitable climate begins at the curb and continues into the heart of the congregation. Read More

United Methodist Communications offers live training opportunities to hone your communications skills and enhance your church's communications ministry. Read More

Sign up for live training, online learning, or do-it-yourself opportunities to develop your skills as a church leader. Read More